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Emla Cream 5%

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Emla Cream 5% is a local anaesthetic for topical application to prevent the pain associated with minor surgical procedures and injections.

Emla Cream 5% contains prilocaine and lidocaine, two active ingredients that help numb the skin. It is a local anaesthetic cream that can be applied to the skin to suppress the pain of needle procedures, to help you feel less pain.

How does Emla Cream work?

When Emla cream is applied to the skin, the lidocaine and prilocaine prevent pain signals passing from that area to the brain and help numb the skin. This means otherwise painful procedures can be performed without causing pain.

What is Emla Cream used for?

  • It can be used to temporarily numb the surface of the skin before procedures such as injections, taking blood samples, and minor skin surgery.
  • It can be used prior to a needle involving procedure, to reduce pain and make it less distressing for you or your child when visiting a doctor.
  • It can be used to temporarily numb the genital skin before the surgical treatment of localised lesions, such as the removal of genital warts.
  • It can be used to facilitate cleansing/debridement of leg ulcers.

Disclaimer: We are only able to supply this product for use with injections, blood samples and minor skin surgery. If you order this product for any other purpose your order will be rejected.

Emla Cream 5% instructions for application:

  1. Make sure that the area of the skin to be anaesthetised is clean and dry. Shave the area prior to application if necessary. Squeeze half a 5g tube of Emla cream (about 2g) onto the procedure site, over an area the size of a 50p coin. For more specific instructions, depending on age, part of the body or procedures, usage timings may be as little as 10 minutes, see the pack leaflet.
  2. Take one of the occlusive dressings and remove the centre cut-out piece. Peel the protective paper away from the underside. Cover the Emla cream with the dressing so that you get a thick layer underneath. Do not spread out the cream. Press down the edges firmly to avoid leakage.
  3. Remove the paper frame. Write the time of application onto the dressing. Emla must be applied at least one hour before the procedure and can be left in place for up to five hours for adults and four hours for children. The longer the cream stays on, the better the anaesthetic effect.
  4. When ready for use, remove the dressing and wipe off excess cream with a tissue.

Please make sure an appropriate occlusive dressing is used to cover the skin to maximise the absorption, and leave on the skin surface for adequate time (usually 60 minutes) ahead of the needle procedure. You can also ask your pharmacist to advise you on how much to use and where to apply. †Please ensure the needle procedure is performed within the following four hours, but preferably as soon as possible after removal of the excess cream.

Emla Cream 5% warnings:

  • Carefully follow the instructions supplied with the cream.
  • Wash your hands after applying the cream, unless your hands are the area being treated.
  • Take care to avoid contact of Emla Cream with the eyes, as this could numb the eye and prevent its protective reflexes, resulting in irritation. If you accidentally get the cream in your eyes, rinse well with lukewarm water or saline solution and protect the eye until sensation returns.

Emla Cream 5% ingredients:

Emla Cream 5% contains the active ingredients Prilocaine and Lidocaine.

Emla Cream 5%
5 stars

I am a needle phobic but find myself having to have regular B12 injections, this cream helps me so much, when I have forgotten to use it I can tell the difference!

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Emla Cream 5%
5 stars

Emla cream is a must for all those with a needle phobia. I can now cope with intramuscular injections (after many years of hiding my head in my mums coat!) but become physically sick and highly anxious with intravenous procedures (the dreaded blood tests!). Using plenty of Emla cream and wrapping up with cling film, I can almost guarantee the unlucky health professionals that I will not vomit on them or pass out.

9 out of 9 people found this useful. Yes No Report abuse
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