Earol Swim Spray

Earol Swim Spray Earol Swim Spray


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Earol Swim is an all natural spray application providing a water-resistant barrier to prevent swimmer's ear and trapped water in the ears.


Earol Swim contains all natural blend of oils including Olive and Tea tree oil. It helps deliver a metered dose of natural oils into the outer ear to finely coat the auditory canal and creating a water-resistant barrier.

Natural remedy

Olive oil and Tea tree oil have natural anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-infection properties. Combined with a unique pump action metered spray delivery system, it helps to prevent the problem of trapped water.

Unique features

  • Provides 200 doses of the product with the shelf life of 3 years
  • Strong, durable carrying case to help you carry the drops anywhere and everywhere
  • Hypoallergenic formula

How to use Earol Swim:

Before entering the water, pull the outer ear upwards to open up the ear canal. Place the cone of the actuator into the ear canal and apply 1 to 2 doses.

After exciting the water, tilt the head to one side and allow the oil barrier to repel the water.

Earol Swim Warnings:

  • Earol Swim® Tea Tree Oil is for single person use only.
  • If you have or have had pre-existing outer ear conditions, it is recommended that you speak with your Doctor or practice Nurse prior to using this product.
  • Always store Earol Swim® Tea Tree Oil spray in the case provided at normal room temperature.
  • The product should be discarded six months after first application.
  • Dispose of the product as per Local Authority advice.
  • Do not spray near naked flame.
  • Earol Swim® Tea Tree Oil is non-medicinal, however always remember to keep all medicines in a safe place where children cannot reach them.
  • Earol Swim® Tea Tree Oil is only for use in the ear canal. Do not spray near eyes, nose or mouth.

Earol Swim conatins:

Olive Oil and Tea Tree Oil


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 rated Earol Swim Spray as:
5.00 stars

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4.00 stars

I have to be careful not to use it too often as it can irritate my ears.Where I find it excellent is under my breasts!

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5.00 stars

Used one squirt in each ear before swimming and scuba diving. Even though I was in the water every day for about three weeks, my ears did not give me the usual problem of waterlogging. I will most certainly use this product again.

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5.00 stars

Earol Swim makes application of a regulated dose of oil easy. Used at the gym before swimming and relaxing in the steeam room it ideal for preventing a build up of ear wax thus preventing the need to visit a GP for the unpleasant experience of having your ears syringed. It also helps keep ears clean for those who use hearing aids.

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