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Facial Skincare


Central heating, air conditioning, severe weather, pollution – you put your skin through its paces every day, probably without even realising it. And if you’re prone to dry skin, the elements can really play havoc with your complexion. That’s why it’s essential to have a good skincare regime, especially as you get older, because your skin can often become drier with age.


Dirt and make-up can clog your pores, so thorough cleansing is vital. Try E45 Facial Purifying Cleansing Milk for a gentle, delicate solution, Freshening Creamy Wash for a reviving, invigorating sensation or Hydrating Cleansing Wipes for on-the-go convenience. Avoid using soap, as this often aggravates dry skin and can leaving it feeling uncomfortable and tight. Using the right product can work wonders, by boosting your skin’s circulation as well as cleansing and purifying.


Once you’ve cleansed thoroughly, it’s time to moisturise. Dehydrated skin can feel dry and rough, and by putting the moisture back in you’ll notice a plumper, softer appearance and a smoother complexion. Enriching Day Cream keeps your skin hydrated for 12 hours, boosting moisture all day long. A richer night cream, like Renewing Night Cream, can really help too, as your skin’s natural repair system will be at its peak and more receptive to intensive products.


Don’t forget, you can look after your skin from the inside too. Eating a healthy diet with lots of fruit and vegetables and drinking at least two litres of water every day can make a real difference to your skin.


E45’s brand new range, E45 Facial, has been specially designed to combat dry skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Perfect for your twice-daily routine, our moisturisers and cleansers offer continuous hydration to keep your complexion healthy and glowing.