What is your type?

Everyone’s bowel habits are different. However, when all is working as normal, it should be easy to go with no straining and you should feel properly relieved afterwards.

The Bowel Barometer™ demonstrates the range of bowel movements that can be experienced, from diarrhoea through to chronic constipation. Essentially, bowel problems can be identified based on two main factors: frequency (how often you go) and consistency or type (how hard or soft your bowel movement is).

You may feel that you are not having ‘normal bowel movements’, or if a problem is not dealt with, it could become worse and move up or down the scale. For example, if you have painful poo symptoms and put off going to the loo because of the pain, this can cause the colon to become blocked and waste solids start to build up. This is the beginning of constipation