Skin Care Routines; Toning.

Why is toning so important?

Toning the skin ensures all traces of cleanser or other products are removed along with impurities, excess oils and any other surface dirt. Skin is left exceptionally clean and ready for maximum moisture absorption through moisturising. Toning also helps to leave skin feeling soothed, hydrated and refreshed and can be used over makeup for a revitalising spritz to reawaken the skin and leaving you feeling rejuvenated. Toners also help to improve skin circulation, which in turn helps to remove toxins and impurities deep within the skin and encourage oxygen and nutrients to the area, leaving you with a glowing youthful complexion.

Many people feel toning is not important to your skin care regime but we disagree, as toning helps to thoroughly and effectively deep cleanse the skin, revitalise and unblock the pores which can lead to blemishes and blackheads, leaving you with clean, soft and radiant skin.

What should I use?

If you are unsure what skin type you are, see a skin therapist where they can carry out an in-depth skin analysis and instruct you of how you should be looking after your skin.

If you suffer with sensitive skin or skin that is prone to reddening and is easily effected by environmental factors, use Dermalogica Soothing Protection Mist. This ultra-calming spray is fortified with Dermalogica's exclusive Anti-Ozonate Complex to protect skin from reactive ozone and free radicals, while soothing botanicals immediately reduce irritation, redness and inflammation.

If you have mature, or prematurely ageing skin or are concerned about ageing, we recommend you use Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist, specially designed for use to target skin damage before it becomes visible to the naked eye. This refreshing, revitalising spritz has instant firming results while acting as a protective shield against anti oxidants and restoring moisture to parched skin.

All other skin types can be toned and conditioned with Dermalogica Multi Active Toner. This product contains a

refreshing blend of soothing lavender, and softening balm mint and arnica to spritz on to the skin for revitalisation. The skin is left smooth and toned, with the appearance of pores minimised for maximum clarity and radiance.

How should I tone?

Simply spray over the face and neck area following cleansing, exfoliant or masque and leave to settle into the skin. Alternatively, you can use cotton pads to gently wipe over the skin after spritz to ensure all product traces have been removed. You can also use the Dermalogica toners over makeup to refresh, calm and cool the skin throughout the day; perfect for revitalising skin in hot summer weather.