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Compeed Blister Patches

From heel to toe, blisters come in all shapes and sizes – fortunately, so do COMPEED® Blister Patches. COMPEED® Blister Patch is a highly advanced, instant remedy - developed for the Danish Army, no less - it acts like a second layer of skin to help prevent new blisters while soothing and healing those that already exist. A COMPEED® Blister Patch repels water, dirt and bacteria and can stay firmly in place for 3 days!

1. Rubbing

Build-up, burning sensation – If applied early enough, COMPEED® works as a barrier to the friction, stopping the blister in its tracks.

2. Blistering

Water-filled blister forms – If applied now, COMPEED® can offer instant pain relief and speeds the healing process.

3. Open Wound

Blister breaks open, skin flakes off, wound can bleed – COMPEED® works as a shield, its impervious layer protecting the wound from bacteria, germs, and water.

4. Scabbing

Discomfort from hardened skin, healing slows – COMPEED® keeps the wound area moist, enabling new skin cells to generate faster and preventing scab formation.

5. Healing

Blisters treated with COMPEED® heal 20% quicker – COMPEED® may be used preventatively in situations where blisters are likely to form.

The Compeed Blister Patch

The hydrocolloid particles in COMPEED® Blister Patch absorb wound fluid, creating a gel that protects the wound by sealing in moisture and preventing scab formation. In turn, this creates the optimal wound healing environment, speeding up the healing process.


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