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Cabaser Tablet 2mg

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Cabaser Tablet 2mg is used for the treatment of Parkinson's disease which is caused by a deficiency of dopamine in the brain. It contains the active ingredient cabergoline.

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Cabaser Tablet 2mg is for patients with Parkinsons a disease that affects the brain and movement in the body. Three typical symptoms of Parkinsons disease are: Resting tremor, Bradykinesia (slowness of movement in the body) and rigidity. It is caused by a deficiency of dopamine in the brain and the active ingredient in Cabaser (cabergoline) is formulated to enhance the effects of dopamine reversing signs and symptoms that patients may encounter. It also works by binding dopamine receptors in the pituitary gland reducing prolactin secretion which is a hormone important in the production of milk, and can also cause a fall in the patientís blood pressure.


Cabaser comes as white oval tablets of three different strengths, containing 1mg, 2mg or 4mg of the active ingredient cabergoline. All tablets come in child-proof amber glass bottles containing 30 tablets. Cabaser tablets are intended to be swallowed (whole or half tablets with a full glass of water) and should be taken with food to reduce side effects of nausea or stomach upsets.


Cabaser should always be taken as prescribed by your doctor. They will be able to decide the best dose suited for you according to your condition and other comorbidities. Cabaser is often used in combination with other Parkinsonís medications, especially levodopa. The normal starting dose is either half or one 1mg tablet daily. Your doctor will then increase this dose gradually over several weeks. This is usually by adding half-one tablet to the daily dose once every week. If you have not had dopamine medications before, the final dose is usually between 2-4mg but if Cabaser is being used with levodopa you may take up to 6mg/day. Cabaser is intended for long-term use to prevent symptoms and complications of Parkinsonís. You should therefore take it every day even if you feel well. Cabaser should be continued for as long as your doctor tells you. Whilst you are taking Cabaser you need to take additional precautions driving and operating machinery as Cabaser can cause sleepiness, light-headedness or sudden onset of sleep in some patients. You should refrain from these activities until you have a good idea how this medication affects you. In addition, particularly early in the course of your treatment, you should make sure you stand up slowly to reduce the light-headedness caused by this medication.


You should not take Cabaser in the following circumstances:

  • If you are allergic to cabergoline, any other ergot alkaloid or any of the other ingredients contained within the tablet (lactose anhydrous and leucine).
  • If you have experienced lung problems associated with the used of dopamine agonists. Cabaser can cause fibrotic changes in the lungs after long-term treatment.
  • If you are pregnant or intend to become pregnant. There is limited experience with this medication during pregnancy so we are not sure of the possible adverse effects it could have on the fetus.
  • If you are breastfeeding as it can impair your milk supply.
  • If you are a child. There is no experience of this drug in children as it is indicated for Parkinsonís which is an adult disease.
  • In addition, you should let your doctor know if you have liver problems, lung disease, cardiovascular disease, Raynaudís syndrome (where the circulation in the digits is poor causing the fingers and toes to turn pale or blue), stomach ulcer, gastrointestinal bleeding, history of mental illness or low blood pressure. In these cases Cabaser needs to be used carefully.
Please contact your doctor or medical practitioner to understand more about the side effects of taking Cabaser Tablet 2mg .
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