Snoreeze Snoring Aids


Snoreeze is Europe's number one selling snoring relief

Snoring is one of the most common sleep-related complaints and is a major cause of sleep disruption and stress. Over 40% of adults snore, which means there are more than 14 million snorers in the UK alone. Because it's not just the snorer who suffers, there are just as many partners and other family members whose lives are affected by snoring. In a recent survey it was shown that snoring affects nearly half the adult population.

Snoring is the noise made by the vibrations of soft tissues at the back of the throat when breathing during sleep.

The Snoreeze range:

Snoreeze understand that anyone can snore, which is why they've developed a range that includes various methods of finding relief so that you can find what works best for you. Take your pick from Snoreeze Throat Spray, Snoreeze Oral Strips, Snoreeze Lozenges and Snoreeze Nasal Strips and find the best way to combat your snoring so that you and your partner can get a peaceful sleep.

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