Macleans Dental Care


Macleans is one of the top oral health brands!

Macleans have been specialists for over 80 years, in one of the most important aspects of your health and beauty regime - your smile. Macleans helps to improve your dental health, keeping teeth and gums healthy, while aiding whitening and keeping breath clean and fresh, leaving you feeling more confident than ever to let your best feature shine! Get a better clean, with Macleans! Macleans actively helps to whiten teeth, lifting stains and discolourations that can leave you self consicous, so your teeth are left gleaming and sparkling, grabbing attention for all the right reasons.

The Macleans range have been designed to enhance your smile in several ways

Their range of products are specially formulated to add some shine and sparkle to those pearly whites. Their Whitening formula contains whitening microparticles that remove stains without damaging the enamel to ensure the whitening lasts longer. The gel Ice Whitening gently removes stains and prevents discolouration while leaving your breath icy fresh. Don't just whiten your teeth, but add some shine to them too with White & Shine that clean, whiten and polish your teeth. Their Total Health Whitening is a special anti-bacterial formula that provides 12 hour protection against decay to ensure excellent all-round oral health.

Keep your teeth in mint condition with Macleans!

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