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Halls Cold & Sore Throat Relief


Halls is the number one brand in the medicated confectionery sector

Halls offer a wide range of products to soothe and relieve cold and flu symptoms like sore throats, coughs and blocked noses. They provide effective and long-lasting relief from various symptoms in order for you to get on with your day. Their Halls Lozenges contain a vapour action that cools and clears nasal passages to help you breathe easy, while Halls Soothers are specially formulated to soothe sore throats thanks to their liquid centre. Their Soothers come in a range of flavours like blackcurrant, peach & raspberry and cherry. 

Special menthol formula:

In the 1930s Halls invented its patented Mentho-Lyptus formula, using a combination of menthol and eucalyptus, and began producing its popular cough drops. The results were a big success. Today, Halls is a leader in providing solutions that soothe throat pain and irritation, fight coughs and help people just feel better.

Halls are helping you to breathe easy and feel more like you again!

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