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Flomax Bladder Weakness


For many men, Flomax Relief reduces male urinary symptoms due to BPH within 7-14 days.

Flomax Relief is a new, over-the-counter alpha-blocker treatment for the urinary symptoms of BPH. Its main ingredient, tamsulosin, is an established and generally well-tolerated treatment that was previously only available on prescription. The drug binds selectively and competitively to relax the muscles surrounding the urethra, relieving pressure and allowing urine to flow more freely.

The effectiveness of Flomax

Studies have shown tamsulosin to be significantly better than a placebo in improving urinary flow and relieving symptoms, and there is no reduction in its strength over the long-term. It is as effective no matter how severe the symptoms.

Flomax Relief is fast-acting and will produce an effect after the first dose, usually relieving symptoms within 7-14 days. It works best if taken after the same meal each day because that slows its absorption into the intestine, enabling more constant plasma levels to be maintained. Flomax produce popular products such as: Florax Relief MR for 14 tablets, or for greater value Florax Relief MR (28 tablets).

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