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Cymalon Cystitis Treatment


Fast, effective relief from the symptoms of cystitis from Cymalon

Cymalon is one of the most popular cystitis treatments in the UK, as it provides fast and effective relief from burning, pain and irritation that is associated with cystitis. It contains sodium citrate, which helps to neutralise urine acidity during an attack of this urinary tract infection. Cymalon Sachets and Cranberry Liquid are simple and easy methods to relieve burning pains, while their Cranberry Extract can be used after cystitis to maintain a healthy urinary tract and prevent further bouts.

About cystitis:

Cystitis is an infection and inflammation of the bladder. It is a common infection as is estimated that around 50% of women will suffer at least once at some point in their lives. Any woman can suffer, but some women are more prone to others, such as young women who are prone to more sexual activity, pregnant women, post-menopausal women and the elderly. The infection usually clears by itself in a few days, or it can be cleared quicker with antibiotics and taking Cylmalon will also help with the symptoms. You may not be able to prevent cystitis, but taking products like Cymalon will make it more manageable as soon as you feel those first warning signs coming on.

What are the symptoms?
  • Sharp burning and stinging sensation when you urinate.
  • An urge to pass water more frequently, even if it just to pass a few drops.
  • A feeling of not emptying your bladder completely.
  • A general pain in the lower abdomen.
Ease the cystitis symptoms with Cymalon, available at Chemist Direct.