Clearzal Foot Care


ClearZal is the complete treatment for fungal nail infections

ClearZal BAC Nail System is a clinically tested topical antimicrobial solution that kills 99.9% of the microbes that cause fungal nail infections. ClearZal’s formula contains Aloe, which treats and heals the infection while soothing and taking care of the surrounding skin. ClearZal is a solution that will treat the entire infection of the nail by targeting and killing fungus and bacteria, allowing natural re-growth of strong and healthy nails.

The ClearZal range is here to take care of your feet!

Alongside the BAC Nail System, ClearZal offers an entire range of foot care products to promote happy and healthy feet! The ClearZal Foot Cleanser washes away fungus and bacteria, while soothing dry or irritated skin. And give your feet some tender loving care with ClearZal’s Silk Foot Creams that will refresh, moisturise and protect your feet.

Complete foot care from ClearZal at Chemist Direct

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