Bodyform Sanitary Protection


Feeling comfortable on your period is Bodyform’s top priority!

The 21st century is a great time to be a woman, a great time to follow your dreams and your heart. We are committed to helping you feel just as secure and confident when you have your period as you do during the rest of the month. Bodyform products have been inspired by women and what they wear. Think of it: Feeling confident can be thanks to a perfectly tailored dress, a dab of perfume, the right sunglasses, or even a pair of jeans – the smallest details can make all the difference.

Comfortable, fresh and fully protected

We want our Bodyform products to feel like something you wear, not just something you use, with all the fit, comfort and quality that’s required. And, after talking with so many of you over the years, Bodyform understand that you’re eager to get on with your life. That’s why Bodyform was created. Bodyform has your period completely covered with Ultra-Fit, Maxi and Night Time pads and discreet liners and you are guaranteed to find something that's just right for you.

Feel fully protected with Chemist Direct’s Bodyform collection

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