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Beta Dog Food


Purina BETA dog food available at Chemist Direct

Purina BETA dog food is the Natural Choice- BETAís Complete Dog Food recipes are rich in meat that dogs need and instinctively prefer. Purina BETA offers a range of meaty pet food, specially formulated to treat your dog to a healthy yet hearty dinner! The Pro Plan range is an impressive general range of pet food, designed to help increase overall pet health with a nutritional formula for both cats and dogs.

At Nestlť PURINA Pet Care, pets are our passion. As one of the worldís leading pet care companies, weíve been serving pets and their owners for more than 80 years. Along the way we have continually advanced the science behind pet nutrition and pet care. Now, our significant investment in research and development is making new Purina BETA the best BETA Dog Food ever!

Beta dog food is the Natural Choice - BETA's Complete Dog Food recipes are rich in meat that dogs need and instinctively prefer. The high quality chicken, turkey or lamb in our uncomplicated recipes is blended with wholesome ingredients such as wholegrain cereals or rice and expertly adapted by PURINA Nutritionists to suit a range of life stages, lifestyles and breed sizes. So you can be sure youíre giving your dog the 100% complete and balanced diet thatís simply right for him, every day of his life.

Dual sized kibbles - Dogs have a tendency to eat very fast, which can lead to digestive upsets and fewer nutrients being absorbed. Thatís why we mix regular-sized kibbles with larger, pentagon-shaped kibbles in every recipe in the Beta dog food range. Studies have shown that dogs often swallow regular kibbles whole, but the larger, pentagon-shaped kibbles encourage longer chewing time, helping to improve digestion and enhancing enjoyment ensuring a healthy happy dog.

Coupled with increased chewing time, the texture of the pentagon kibble has longer to scrape or "brush" the teeth, helping to improve your dogís dental health. The special combination of dual sized kibbles in the BETA dog food range is adapted to suit the specific life stages and breed sizes of dogs.