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Aquaban Herbal Tablets


Water retention…Don't live with it, Aquaban it!

Do you sometimes find yourself struggling with the top button on your jeans, or wondering why your favourite shoes just don't seem to fit? Chances are you could be suffering from water retention. This is the term commonly used to describe the storing of excess water in the body, a condition which can often leave you feeling swollen and bloated. When this happens, Aquaban works effectively by helping to eliminate excess water from the body so you can feel altogether at ease again.

Aquabanis a licensed medicine that comes in tablet form. It contains two diuretics that help you get rid of the water that builds up in the body’s tissues and cells, relieving the uncomfortable puffiness and tenderness associated with PMS. Aquaban is only effective on water retention that occurs in the days leading up to your period. It should not be taken at other times of the month. If you’re suffering from water retention that isn’t pre-menstrual, you should consider the benefits of new Aquaban Herbal.

Aquaban Herbal contains a blend of three natural herbal diuretics; Uva Ursi, Burdock Root and Clivers, which work together to gently remove excess water.

Although it is common for the hormonal activity in your body around the time of your period to cause water retention, it can also occur as a result of many other things including too much salt, some common medicines (including the contraceptive pill), a general lack of exercise and long periods of immobility (such as long flights, or standing for long periods). It can even occur with no discernible reason at all.


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