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All products are naturally derived and have been developed by leading UK pharmacists and nutritionists. All products contain unique patented formulations not available anywhere else.

– Reduces Fat Absorption

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New revolutionary BioBIND is taking the UK by storm. Gemma Bissix, former Eastenders and Hollyoaks actress uses BioBIND to keep her weight in check, without denying herself treats and making her diet revolve around her hectic schedule. BioBIND with the unique advanced formulation Slenmax, a blend of three natural ingredients proven to prevent fats from being absorbed by the body.

Reduces fat absorption by up to 27%
Can help you lose weight and keep it off
100% naturally derived
Unique patented triple action formulation
For people who tend to eat high fat foods

– Reduces Your Carb Intake

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BioCARB is the new carb blocker taking the slimming world by storm! New for 2012, BioCARB contains an innovative new complex called PolyMax which is derived from white kidney bean extract. Studies have shown that BioCARB can reduce the amount of calories consumed from the carbs you eat by up to an incredible 66%.

Blocks up to 66% of carbs
Can help you lose weight and keep it off
100% naturally derived
Unique patented formulation
For people who love high carb foods

– Reduces Your Appetite

BioAPP is the new revolutionary natural appetite suppressant containing StatiMax™, a unique and patented formulation that includes a number of well-renowned ingredients.

Helps you manage your appetite
Helps you feel fuller for longer
Can help you lose weight
100% naturally derived
For people who want to control their appetite, snacking and portion sizes

- Boosts Your Metabolism

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BioBURN Fat Burner helps increase your metabolism so you can burn more energy when you are either at rest or exercising.

Encourages weight loss and fat loss
Boosts your metabolism
Helps burn body fat
Works in conjunction with all other Bioconcepts weight loss products
100% naturally derived