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Searching for quality assurance on supplements you purchase? No need to look any further. Bioconcepts are extremely dedicated to supplying the most supreme quality supplements by only sourcing unique and authentic raw materials and extracts produced in the UK to GMP and EU standards.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) offers absolute quality assurance, which is why Bioconcepts adhere to such guidelines. GMP is a set of strict pharmaceutical regulations, codes, & guidelines that 'guarantee' food supplements are regularly manufactured and monitored to a high standard suitable for use. GMP is regarded highly as it authenticates manufacturing excellence and reveals a manufacturer's ability to produce supplements that meet not only the trade's high standards of quality & safety but also that the label claims are always reliable.

GMP certification is not a legal requirement for supplements in the UK. However, Bioconcepts have chosen to acknowledge and comply to it as it offers authentic quality assurance.

As supplements are natural sources, levels of the active ingredients within them can vary. It is of the upmost importance to make sure the extract within the supplement is standardised so the product can guarantee the quality and potency of the active source. And because of this, Bioconcepts only supply standardised extracts that are much more concentrated than many supplements existing on the market today that are based solely on the powdered whole herb and which do not have a guaranteed potency.