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Advantage 400 For Dogs

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Advantage is a fast-working, month-long flea control for your pet.

Advantage 400 for dogs is formulated to treat to treat your dogs’ flea infestation quickly and effectively; it contains 1.0 ml (100 mg imidacloprid) and 0.1% butylated hydroxytoluene (E321) as a preservative. Fleas can cause your pet great discomfort and irritation - help tackle this problem today with Advantage 100 for dogs.

This product is great for preventing and controlling flea infestations that your canine friend may come in contact with.


  • Less than 4 kg bodyweight - Advantage 40 mg Spot-On Solution for Small Cats, Small Dogs and Pet Rabbits -1 x 0.4 ml Minimum of 10
  • 4 kg to less than 10 kg Advantage 100 Spot-On Solution for Dogs 1 x 1.0 ml Minimum of 10
  • 10 kg to less than 25 kg Advantage 250 Spot-On Solution for Dogs 1 x 2.5 ml Minimum of 10
  • 25 kg to less than 40 kg Advantage 400 Spot-On Solution for Dogs 1 x 4.0 ml Minimum of 10
  • 40 kg and greater Advantage 400 Spot-On Solution for Dogs 2 x 4.0 ml Minimum of 10


Treatment should be repeated after four weeks. Treatment of nursing bitches and queens controls flea infestations on both dam and offspring.


Fleas are killed within one day following treatment. One treatment prevents further flea infestation on dogs and cats for up to four weeks and on rabbits for up to one week. Should re-treatment be necessary earlier than four weeks, do not treat more frequently than weekly.


Re-infestation from emergence of new fleas in the environment may continue to occur for six weeks or longer after treatment is initiated. More than one treatment may therefore be required, depending on the level of fleas in the environment. To aid reduction in environmental challenge, the additional use of a suitable environmental treatment against adult fleas and developing stages is recommended. In order to reduce further the environmental challenge, it is recommended that all cats, dogs and rabbits in the household are treated.


The product remains effective if the animal becomes wet, for example after exposure to heavy rain or after swimming (dogs). However, re-treatment may become necessary, depending on the presence of fleas in the environment. In these cases do not treat more frequently than once weekly.


In the case of biting louse infection in dogs, a veterinary examination 30 days after treatment is recommended as some animals may require a second treatment.


For dogs of 25 kg body weight and greater

The dog should be standing for easy application. The entire contents of the tube should be applied evenly to 3 or 4 spots all located at different application sites along the dog's backline from the shoulder to the base of the tail. At each spot, part the coat until the skin is visible. Place the tip of the tube on the skin and gently squeeze the tube to expel a portion of its contents directly onto the skin. Do not apply an excessive amount of solution at any one spot, as that could cause some of the product to run down the animals side.


For all dogs

Do not apply an excessive amount of solution at any one spot that could cause some of the solution to run down the side of the dog. The product is bitter tasting and salivation may occasionally occur if the dog licks the application site immediately after treatment. This is not a sign of intoxication and disappears within some minutes without treatment. Correct application will minimize the opportunity for the dog to lick the product. Apply only to undamaged skin. Do not allow recently treated animals to groom each other.


Use During Pregnancy and Lactation

No reproductive toxic effects have been observed in rats and no primary embryotoxic or teratogenic toxic effects have been observed during the studies on rats and rabbits. Studies on pregnant and lactating bitches, queens and does together with their offspring are limited. Evidence so far indicates that no adverse effects are to be expected in these animals.


You should carefully read all product packaging and labels prior to use           
Advantage 400 For Dogs
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Advantage 400 For Dogs
5 stars

great product at good prices

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