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Get Jungle Formula Insect Repellent at Chemist Direct

Travelling to countries rife with biting insects can be extremely annoying. Bites can lead to skin inflammation, redness, infection and basically can ruin a holiday. Best way to keep insects at bay is to use an effective insect repellent like Jungle Formula.

How does Jungle Formula work?

Wherever you’re going, whatever protection you need, Jungle Formula has the right products for you. And to help make choosing from the range even easier, they have introduced the Insect Repellent Factor system.

Jungle Formula is the only brand of insect repellent with specific formulations for different needs and destinations. Just look out for the new labelling and numbering system. Insect Repellent Factors available:

  • IRF 2 – Sensitive Skin – great for sensitive skin or for young children, this range gives you great protection without irritation
  • IRF 3 – Natural – made with 40% oil of lemon eucalyptus for a more natural protection against biting insects
  • IRF 3 – Medium – ideal for use by adults and children over 3, at home or on short-haul holidays
  • IRF 4 – Maximum – for use when visiting long haul and high disease-risk destinations or if you’re prone to bites, Maximum provides up to 12 hours defence
Jungle Formula provides effective skin protection from insect bites.