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Monitor your Diabetes at home with Accu-Chek from Chemist Direct

Whether you have type 1 or type 2 Diabetes, it can be a condition that heavily impacts upon your life if you do not know how to manage or treat it effectively. Blood glucose monitoring is the best way to help control your diabetes so that it doesn’t control you. Whether you're looking for a meter that will take the pain out of testing, or one that fits in with your busy lifestyle, Accu-Chek products are designed to help you manage diabetes on your terms. Blood Glucose Meters are the ideal way for you to monitor your blood glucose levels at home. Once you get a baseline reading from your GP, you can use one of the home Blood Glucose Meters to continually track your blood glucose levels so that you avoid becoming hypo/hyperglycaemic.

Accu-Chek products help complete your circle of care by enabling you to collect, analyze, and act on information. Accu-Chek blood glucose meters fit your lifestyle and help take the pain and inconvenience out of testing. Special software and the Diabetes Assistant program help analyze results and share them with your healthcare team. That way, you can take action toward better self-care.

Living With Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects a wide variety of people and many of us know someone who is affected by this complex disorder. Learning to live with diabetes can be a difficult thing for anyone to do and gaining control can take some time. Denial, anger, and sadness are normal responses to any difficult diagnosis and to regain your emotional balance, acceptance is the key. The more you understand about diabetes, the better control you'll have over the disease and the better you'll feel about yourself. Since 99 percent of your time is spent outside a doctor’s office, you need to take personal control of your health.

Take control of your Diabetes with Accu-chek