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Multi-Gyn FloraPlus

5 Tubes
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Multi-Gyn FlorPlusworks naturally to relieve feminine discomforts through all stages of a womans life. Floaplus treats and prevents vaginal thrush problems and relieves itching and burning.

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Multi-Gyn Floraplus is a safe, natural and effective treatment for thrush (candida) that works in harmony with your bodys natural flora, not against it. FloraPlus contains 40% 2QR, which regulates the pH balance, making the vagina more acidic and creates a protective barrier against harmful microbes and bacteria. It also contains selective prebiotics, which nourish the useful lactobacilli which release lactic acid, to naturally maintain the slightly acidic pH of a healthy vagina, and prevents thrush from getting out of control again.

Regular use of FloraPlus will help create a healthy vaginal environment, where the optimum flora will be maintained in perfect balance.

FloraPlus comes in 5 convenient single use tubes, and can be used as an intensive 5 day course for thrush, or used every 3-5 days as a preventative treatment to keep your vaginal flora in perfect balance.

  • treats and prevents vaginal thrush (candida)
  • relieves itching, burning, redness, swelling and irritation
  • re-balances the vaginal flora
  • restores the optimum pH balance of the vagina
  • contains pre-biotics to stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria, Lactobacilli
  • contains no chemicals, fragrance, preservatives or parabens
  • is bio-active, safe and natural

BIO-FEM contains no preservatives, no chemicals, no ingredients from animal source, so offers you the safest, gentlest but most effective treatment, that works with your body, not against it.

The colour of Multi-Gyn may vary every specific batch. This has to do with the main natural ingredient, the 2QR-complex, which is derived from the Aloe plant. Aloe is a natural product and depending on the time of harvest, amount of sunshine and rainfall, the Aloe gel (2QR-complex) gets a specific colour. Therefore the product can have a different colour varying from transparent to light-dark amber. The difference in colour does not affect the efficacy or safety of the products.

Multi-Gyn Floraplus:

  • Treatment of Vaginal Thrush: Use 1 tube daily just before you go to sleep, for 5 consecutive days.
  • Prevention of Vaginal Thrush: Use 1 tube every 3 days to stimulate lactobacilli and maintain natural pH balance.
  • For use after antibiotics: Use 1 tube for last 2 days of the course and continue for the following 3 days.

BIO-FEM FloraPlus is not a anti-mycotic drug. In case of persistent or recurrent complaints you should always contact your physician. BIO-FEM FloraPlus can be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding and is safe to use with condoms. You should always see your doctor if you think you may have a vaginal infection during pregnancy.

Bio-Fem FloraPlus is a natural product, based on the bio-active 2QR-complex in combination with prebiotic components such as amino acids and vitamins. The unique formulation has no hormones and no ingredients from animal origin. It has no harsh chemicals or fragrances and is safe and harmless.

  • Active ingredients: Galactoarabinan Polyglucuronic Acid Crosspolymer*, Monosaccharides, Amino Acids, Vitamins.
  • 2QR: patented bio-active polysaccharides derived from Aloe Barbadensis inner leaf gel by molecular filtration process.
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5 stars

Fantastic product! Could feel relief straight away from itching...definately on my shopping list :)

5 out of 5 people found this useful. Yes No Report abuse
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