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Pripsen is a complete, effective treatment for threadworm


If you, your child or even your whole household are suffering with threadworm, there is help. Pripsen is an effective treatment to help eradicate worms from the body. It works by paralysing the worm, so that once it’s unable to move, it’s easily freed from the gut and is ‘flushed out’ alive in the faeces.


How does Pripsen work?


The first dose of Pripsen treats the adult threadworms - but some eggs may be left behind. The key to treatment is to break the threadworm life cycle. The second dose, taken 14 days later, treats the young worms that have hatched from these eggs, before they are old enough to have laid any eggs themselves breaking the life cycle of the threadworm.


  • Pripsen Powder (Piperazine Phosphate) can be given to children from 3 months of age. Raspberry flavoured, it is ideal with water or milk.
  • Prispen Mebendazole Tablets are chewable with a pleasant orange taste and can be taken by adults and children over 2 years of age.
  • Remember the whole family must be treated at the same time to prevent cross-infection. A family pack of chewable tablets is also available.


Pripsen treatment is available from Chemist Direct