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Pjur is for everyone. Pjur is for married couples and twosomes, for the wild-at-heart and the young-at-heart, for the curious and for experts. Pjur is for me and for you. Pjur is for making love more fun. During pleasurable foreplay, a relaxing massage, or passionate lovemaking, our products provide pure enjoyment and enhanced sensations during those special moments. Whether alone or together, for body care, or to add even more fun – there is a Pjur product that is right for everyone. Just try it out! For:

  • Foreplay: Let your imagination soar during foreplay. Sensuous massages, stimulating caresses, playing with toys – anything that you both enjoy.
  • Massage: A long massage can bring partners even closer, letting both of them enjoy touching each other. Whether gentle caresses on the neck, a deep back massage, or a relaxing full body massage, pjur products moisturize your skin during massages, giving you the unique and silky-soft pjur feeling.
  • It is especially the body contact and feeling of warmth on your skin that make massages a sensuous experience. Whether as part of foreplay or as a relaxing finish to a wonderful, intimate time together. During a massage, partners can explore their bodies and truly unwind. And since silicone lubricants from pjur do not clog pores like oils can, they caress the skin like an invisible film – soft and silky, without being greasy. Just give it a try.
  • Stimulation: Potency generally refers to a man's ability to get an erection. An erection can be triggered by mechanical or psychological stimulation, and the proper use of certain ingredients can prolong it. For example, ginkgo, a natural herb, gives an extra boost to a man's erection. Pjur superhero EnergizinGinkgo lubricant contains ginkgo extracts, which have been used for centuries to help improve blood flow. And Pjur superhero spray contains a cosmetic ingredient that can prevent premature ejaculation, a problem many men struggle with.
  • Natural ingredients can enhance and stimulate a woman's sexuality and pleasure during lovemaking. The ginkgo extracts in Pjur myglide improve blood flow, causing pleasurable sensations in the woman's genital region. The special formula of Pjur myspray improves circulation in the area where it is applied.
  • Condom Safe: A problem with many lubricants and bodyglides is that they cannot be safely used with condoms. The formula of the lubricants weakens the material of the prophylactic, making it unsafe and unreliable to use as a contraceptive or as protection against sexually transmitted diseases. You can be assured that all of our Pjur products are tested with latex condoms to guarantee compatibility and safe use with condoms. For your protection and carefree fun.
  • Skin Friendliness: Before a lubricant can shine through with its gliding properties, concentrated formula, or special effects, it has to be one thing: kind and gentle to the skin. That's why each and every Pjur product is dermatologically tested and totally skin-friendly. All ingredients are thoroughly tested and all Pjur products are CE-certified medical products – guaranteeing carefree fun and Pjur pleasure.