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 In today's high tech world where almost everything is remote controlled, it's difficult to image life without batteries, that why Duracell produce everyday batteries your all your power needs.

Which Battery Type to Choose?


UltraThe Most Powerful Battery Ever
Does your battery perform well in one appliance, but does it not last very long in another one? Try Duracell Ultra! It is specifically designed to be the most powerful Duracell alkaline in all devices. Every Ultra battery has a Powercheck Tester, so you always know how much energy is left inside!

Ideal for low, medium & high Drain appliances such as remote controls, digital cameras, radios, alarm clocks, smoke alarms, MP3 players and toys.

Plus - Lasts and Lasts and Lasts
The Duracell Plus technology in AA / AAA has been designed to last and last and last. The reliable energy source of Duracell Plus AA/AAA is the no.1 selling battery for everyday use. Duracell Plus - at the heart of your devices for all your power needs.

Ideal for low & medium Drain appliances such as remote controls, smoke alarms, alarm clocks, radios, calculators, MP3 players and motorised toys.

Procell Bulk buy industrial batteries (Boxes of 10)
Duracell Procell AA Batteries are dependable, long-lasting Duracell batteries that are specifically labelled and packaged for the professional/industrial market place. This allows you to buy the batteries in boxes of 10's.

The Duracell Procell Battery are perfect for everyday electrical items such as radios, toys, smoke alarms and many more applications.