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Manage your weight effectively with DEcarb!

DEcarb is of of 3 weight management products from SHAPE.SMART. It contains PhaseLite, which is a natural glycoprotein complex that is made from white kidney bean and can reduce calorie intake by blocking up to 66% of dietary carbohydrates eaten. When combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, DEcarb can help to combat the effects of a carb-rich diet for people who may be struggling to achieve or maintain a healthy weight. Carbohydrates may be an essential part of our diets, but overindulging on carbohydrates such as bread, potatoes and pasta, can be a major cause of weight gain.

How does DEcarb work?

Starchy foods are broken down in the body by an enzyme found in saliva and the pancreas. Once the starches have been sufficiently broken down they are absorbed by the small intestine and converted into glucose - a form of sugar - which our cells then convert into energy. Excess glucose is stored as fat for later use, but can quickly build up as the amount of calories eaten exceeds the amount of calories used through your body's metabolism and exercise.

Taking DeCarb Tablets before a meal has the natural effect of inhibiting the digestive enzyme’s ability to process carbs, which means that complex starchy carbohydrates remain undigested and pass harmlessly out of the body.

DEcarb is suited best for people have a carbohydrate-rich diet, people who watch their calorie and fat intake but find it hard to lose weight, people who eat convenient foods and people who suffer from strong hunger pangs and energy at certain points of the day. It is specially formulated for people who understand they may eat too many carbohydrates and this may be the reason for their difficulty with weight loss.

Get your diet on track with a little help from DEcarb, available at Chemist Direct