Does XLS-Medical Work?

Curious to know how does XLS-Medical Fat Binder work? The following information will help explain just how XLS can help you lose 3 times more weight alongside healthy eating and exercise than with healthy eating and exercise alone. Read on to find out just How does XLS Medical work.

The science behind new XLS-Medical:

Made with clinically proven fat binder Litramine, plus fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E, XLS fat binder binds up to 27% of dietary fats in your stomach. Its unique formula works two ways: it first binds fat molecules to form a fat-fibre complex too large to be absorbed by the intestine, before releasing fat-soluble vitamins into the body.

How XLS-Medical works in your body:

XLS-Medical's active ingredient is Litramine which binds with dietary fat from food and becomes a large fat fibre complex. This fat-fibre complex is too large to be absorbed in the small intestine and is eventually excreted from the body.

After the fat binding phase, the essential fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E are released and absorbed in the body. This optimizes the availability of fat-soluble vitamins for absorption by the body.

Does XLS Medical work? Mica Paris believes so. Not only her, but many, many customers now taking XLS Medical believe this too. XLS has quickly become the Weight loss supplement of the century with many success stories and as it is derived from an organic plant source, it's naturally well tolerated. But if you truly want to find out Does XLS Medical work? Why not try it for yourself.

Clinically proven to help you lose weight:

XLS have run several clinical trials to prove that Xls Medical really works - and can absorb as much as 27% of dietary fat while being gentle on the system too.

Trial one:

Five women and five men with a normal BMI took part in our first clinical study. We gave each volunteer 1.6g Litramine™ per meal or the equivalent dose of placebo. The study was based on a seven-day washout period and a seven-day testing period.

Trial two:

We conducted our second clinical study in Germany with Caucasian volunteers in their own free-living environment. Each had a daily fixed diet plan of 2,500 kcal with 30% fat content. We gave them 1.07g Litramine™ or a placebo - three times daily for three days.

XLS-Medical is also clinically proven to:

  • Help you feel fuller for longer.
  • Compensate for lost vitamins.