Supporting Mothers breastfeeding world Wide

Feeding is an important part of you and your baby’s daily life, which is why it is important that your feeding regime is one that suits both of you. At Chemist Direct we want to help make feeding time an easier and joyful experience for you both. As it is Wolrld Breastfeeding Week we wanted to share some of our best feeding products, advice and tips with our customers.
There are only a few essential items necessary for breastfeeding:
          - Breast pads                                                                                                                               
          - Nursing Bra                                                                                
          - Breast Pump
          - Bottles
          - Teats Steriliser
          - Teat Brush
          - Nursing/Support Pillow
Did you know? The first supply of milk produced is called colostrum, this milk has the most amount of beneficial nutrients for your baby.
Breastfeeding has beneficial factors for both mother and baby. It is said to help your baby against the following:
          - Ear infections
          - Chest infections 
           - Urine infections                                                
          - Childhood diabetes
          - Eczema
          - Obesity
          - Asthma
It is also beneficial for mothers as it is said to reduce the chances of the following:
          - Ovarian Cancer
          - Breast Cancer
          - Weak bones
Breastfeeding is not only medically beneficial but is a great way for mother and baby to bond. As there is no set time for  how long a fed can last make sure you are comfortable with a drink for yourself at hand and anything else like your telephone, so you can just sit back and enjoy feeding time with your baby.
Top Tip- Breastfeeding should not cause your nipples any discomfort,but if you are experiencing soreness speak to your midwife about feeding techniques. However Lansinoh Lanolin is a great cream for relieving the discomfort of cracked nipples, it is ideal as you don't have to wash the cream off before feeding.
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