What Is Your Goal

Whether you would like to build up your strength, lose weight or define your muscles, we have the advice for you.

What Is Your Goal

Need to recover from each workout sooner?

Try using whey protein supplements to help tissue repair e.g Maximuscle Promax, Recover max or LA Muscle Whey, Lucozade Sport Fuel & Recovery.

Need more energy during exercise?

Try using Maximuscle Viper or Lucozade Sport fuel to help replace lost electrolytes during training.

Build strength & size

Try using Protein e.g Promax, LA Whey, Garnell or Dymatize for tissue repair and Creatine e.g Cyclone, Dymatize Mega Gainer, Garnell Nutrition Anabolic Mass or Lucozade Pro Muscle to replace energy stores quickly after a workout and help build muscle mass.

Fat Loss & Muscle Definition

Try using Meal replacements i.e Whey Protein like Maximuscle Promax Diet and fat burners such as Thermobol.