What is Biopets?

Pet Food

Biopets is a premium range of pet food for dogs and cats. Biopets specialises in providing pets with nutrition needed to live a long healthy life. Although pets are happy to eat just about whatever it is that may be on your dinner plate, the nutritional needs of a pet are very different from that of humans.

Dogs and cats need food that is specific to their breed, age, size, and lifestyle. A proper diet for your pet is one that will provide all the necessary nutrients, vitamins, proteins, and carbohydrates needed at this stage of life to provide your pet with optimal health. Puppies and kittens will need a diet that provides them with high levels of protein and fat to match their energy and growth spurts, and older cats and dogs will need food that promotes better digestive and bone health.

Vitamins and minerals for enhanced pet growth

Biopets ranges of food for dogs and cats contains Omega 3 and 6 to enhance mental and visual development. It contains a healthy source of natural proteins like salmon and lamb and provides vitamins like vitamin A and D3 that are essential for bone development and health. Your pets deserve a good start in life and a source of nutrition as they grow and mature. You can help your pets on the road to a long and healthy life by feeding them high quality food that is specially formulated to fit his or her dietary needs.

Are your cat and dog getting the right nutrition?

Consider the following information on cat and dog nutrition:

  • Small dogs that have less daily activity only need about 185 to 370 calories per day.
  • Large dogs between 67 and 88 pounds, depending on their activity level and gender, need between 1,000 to 2,000 calories.
  • Dog owners tend to over-feed their pets a lot of times and as a result more than one-third of dogs over 1 year are overweight.
  • A healthy cat that is around 10 pounds only needs about 220 to 350 calories per day.
  • At least one-quarter of felines are considered overweight or obese.

Biopet foods will provide your dog or cat with the proper ratio of proteins and calories needed to suit their lifestyle. It will give them the right amount of nutrients per serving too.

Promotes healthy weight

Biopets uses organic oats to help promote healthy weight in dogs. Oats are not only an excellent source of natural dietary fibre, but they also provide dogs with protein, zinc, and iron. For cats Biopets uses premium proteins like salmon, egg, and chicken to fulfill the high protein needs of cats. Healthy cats need twice as much protein as humans and dogs do because of the energy they spend.

Biopets cuts out any unnecessary ingredients that might destroy your pet’s health or encourage weight gain, and ensures that cats and dogs are able to enjoy food that contains only quality ingredients. This way pet owners can rest assured knowing that their pet is receiving the very best nutrition available.