How to Maintain Your Weight Loss From September to December?


When you’re trying to lose weight and become more healthy, September to December can be three very difficult months. It is a time of year when most people will abandon any sort of diet and just gorge. Whether its sweets during Halloween or stuffing yourself at Christmas, there is plenty of temptation to lead you astray.

In this Chemist Direct article, we will look at some easy tips and tricks to help you keep on track for your weight loss goals. This won’t be anything extravagant and can be worked around your normal routine.

Eat Before Parties

From September till the end of the year, you’ll be invited to a lot of parties. From Halloween parties to Christmas and New Year’s, there will be plenty of social events for you to attend.

It is very rare for these parties to have healthy snacks and spreads. If so, I couldn’t imagine people would stick around for too long.

A handy tip is to never go to a party hungry. Besides its useful to have something in your stomach if you plan to drink, enjoying a pre-party snack can help prevent you from overindulging at parties.

Keep Exercising

It is a hectic time of year for everybody. You’ll be trying to juggle your work and family along with the extra hustle and bustle of the time and year. That said, you should try to keep up with your exercise routine. Considering how much extra calories you can expect to take during the holiday period, it is more important that you keep working out to compensate for that.

Unfortunately, the weather this time of year is working against you. This a big problem for joggers and runners.

If you don’t already, it's worth investing in a gym membership from September to December. If you already have a membership, use it!

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol is brimming of empty calories and, with this time of year, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to drink. Beer and larger are prime examples. While gin and vodka are lighter on the calories, it is important to consider the mixers.

A simple trick to help keep it under wraps is to drink a glass of water or diet soda water in between drinks. This helps you pace yourself while diluting calories.

Slimming Supplements

Some people use slimming tablets and supplements to help support their weight loss goals. At Chemist Direct, we work with leading healthcare brands to source the very foremost slimming and dieting products available. From Alli to XLS-Medical, our expert in-house pharmacy work to ensure what we provide the best for our customers.