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Folic Acid, Nutrition & Hydration in 1 simple bottle


WaterBaby® is an everyday water drink and 
a refreshing new approach to pregnancy care, designed 
especially for the mum to be in mind.


Every bottle of
WaterBaby® is fortified with the recommended daily intake of Folic Acid plus a careful blend of vitamins and minerals including Zinc and Calcium, which help aid the overall well being of both mum and baby throughout conception, pregnancy and breast-feeding.


WaterBaby’s origins derive from a very simple, yet overly common problem. Our research highlighted that many women struggle to take traditional tablet form folic acid supplements whilst experiencing morning sickness and fluctuating eating habits. As a result of such some women are reluctantly forced to avoid the process, in turn exposing their babies to possible neural tube defects such as Spina Bifida.


With this in mind WaterBaby® was created 
to offer an alternative, more comfortable and 
palatable way for the conscientious mum to be to 
secure extra hydration and nutritional support, a 
in one simple refreshing drink.


Extra Hydration
As well as providing the much needed pregnancy vitamins WaterBaby® aids your overall hydration. A regular fluid intake and staying hydrated have many benefits for a healthy pregnancy. Water can help to alleviate many common side effects of pregnancy, including constipation and hemorrhoids and help prepare the body for physiological changes. 


Water also acts as the body's transportation system carrying nutrients through the blood to the baby, flushing toxins out of the system and diluting urine, which may help to prevent urinary tract infections. 

As WaterBaby® contains no capsules to swallow it can make the process of taking supplements much easier, and more palatable, especially for those struggling to take tablets whilst experiencing morning sickness.

WaterBaby® is designed to fit conveniently into the modern day lifestyle and makes caring for both mum and baby an enjoyable and wholesome experience. 

WaterBaby® Key Benefits
• Daily recommended intake 400mcg of Folic Acid
• A source of B vitamins, Zinc and Calcium 
• Developed and approved by food scientists
• A source of extra hydration
• Suitable for vegetarians
• Suitable for those who struggle with folic acid tablets





WaterBaby Nutritional Information

Folic Acid
Folic Acid is an essential B vitamin important for pregnancy, as a good steady supply can help reduce the risk of babies developing a neural tube defect such as spina bifida. As the body does not store very much folic acid it is essential that pregnant women, or those trying to conceive take a regular supply of 400 micrograms daily to meet the needs of their developing baby. If you did not take folic acid before conception you should start as soon as you find out that you are pregnant. 

Zinc is a mineral necessary for the functioning of enzymes, meaning it plays an important role in many bodily activities. Many of these activities are crucial during pregnancy because they involve embryo and fetal development.  Your body also needs zinc for the production, repair, and functioning of DNA so a regular supply is particularly important to facilitate the rapid cell growth that occurs during pregnancy.  

During pregnancy the body has an extra demand for calcium. Developing babies needs calcium to build strong bones and teeth and to grow a healthy heart, nerves, and muscles. If your diet is deficient in calcium your baby will draw its own supply from your teeth and bones, which may impair your own health.

Nutritional Information


More About Folic Acid

What is folic acid and what role does it play during pregnancy?

Naturally every mum to be wants to do her up most to help keep her unborn baby safe. One way to help to ensure that you give your little one the best possible start in life is to make sure that you are getting enough folic acid.

During early pregnancy some of the most vital of fetal developments, including the formation of the spine take place very soon after conception, even before many women are aware that they are pregnant. Folic acid (known as folate in its natural form) is a water-soluble B vitamin, with several important functions for facilitating early embryonic development, as a good steady supply both before and during early pregnancy can help to reduce the risk of babies developing a neural tube defect such as spina bifida.
Unfortunately it is possible for any baby to develop a neural tube defect irrespective of your maternal age, whether this is your first pregnancy or you already have healthy children, or whether or not there is a family history of neural tube defects.

How much folic acid should I take?

The good news is that medical studies have shown that women who increase their intake of folic acid at the time their baby’s spine is forming reduce the risk of having a baby with these conditions. As a result of such findings health professionals recommend that if you could become pregnant, whether you are trying for a baby or not, you should take a supplement of 400 mcg of folic acid each day until the end of the twelfth week of pregnancy to help support healthy development (you may see this written as 400 mcg, 400 μg or 0.4 mg). If you did not take folic acid before you conceived you should start as soon as you find out that you are pregnant.
Women, who have an existing family history of neural tube defects, are diabetic, have coeliacs disease or are taking medication to treat epilepsy, should consult their doctor before planning a pregnancy as a higher daily dose of 5,000 mcg of folic acid may be recommended to you.

How can I ensure that I am getting enough folic acid?

One of the simplest ways for women to secure peace of mind and ensure that they are getting a sufficient supply of folic acid is to take a daily folic acid supplement. As there are many different brands of folic acid available, it is important to ensure that you purchase one that contains the full recommended daily allowance.

Folic acid supplements are readily available from supermarkets, health food stores and pharmacies and dependent on your circumstances may be available free of charge on prescription from your doctor. Folic acid is most commonly available in tablet form, however for women who struggle to take tablet supplements WaterBaby offers an alternative way to secure the daily-recommended folic acid intake in a water based drink.
Eating a healthy balanced diet, rich in fruit and vegetables both before and during pregnancy can also help to provide valuable sources of naturally occurring folic acid (folate) and help equip mum and baby with a sufficient supply of essential nutrients.

As folate and other naturally occurring vitamins and minerals are damaged by heat, it is worth remembering that the nutritional benefits of fruit and vegetables are far greater when eaten raw or lightly steamed.

Foods with high folic acid content

Broccoli, spring greens, spinach, brussel sprouts, kale, parsnips, granary bread, cooked black-eyed beans, cooked chickpeas and beef and yeast extracts.
*Although liver is a rich source of folic acid, women who are pregnant or trying to conceive should avoid this food as it also contains high levels of vitamin A, which can prove potentially harmful to your developing baby.
Foods with medium folic acid content

Cauliflower, courgette, potato, green pepper, green beans, peas, iceburg lettuce, cabbage, oranges, orange juice, cooked soya and kidney beans, cooked lentils, baked (haricot) beans, wholemeal bread, wholegrain pasta, brown rice, yoghurt and eggs.

Foods fortified with folic acid

Many breakfast cereals, breads and bakery products are fortified or enriched with differing levels of folic acid. For more information check product labels and look out for the folic acid logo on packaging.

Is a folic acid supplement really necessary?

Although folate can be found in a variety of different foods it can be very difficult to calculate the amount consumed, or be certain that you are eating a sufficient amount of these foods everyday to secure your recommended daily allowance. It is therefore a good idea to take a daily folic acid 

How Was WaterBaby Born

WaterBaby is the brain child of father to be Benjamin Ridgway. 
When Ben and his wife Anna decided that they wanted to start a family they instantly recognised the importance of taking a regular supply of folic acid. Despite such good intentions during the early stages of pregnancy, the discomfort of swallowing traditional folic acid tablets, eating before every tablet and fitting the routine into her busy lifestyle resulted in it becoming increasingly difficult to honor this commitment.
This worried Anna as she was concerned that any supplements she managed to take to promote the health of her developing baby were not being effectively absorbed into her bloodstream, and made her wonder if there was a better and more palatable solution available for her. After looking around and finding no fitting replacement both Anna and Ben started to devise a suitable alternative that meant women could safely get their advised RDA of folic acid, but via a more suitable and palatable product. 


After much thought and research Ben came up with an innovative solution and prototype concept to this overly common yet simple problem, a bespoke and refreshing everyday water drink that not only contains the recommended daily allowance of folic acid (400mcg) but also incorporates a careful blend of other essential vitamins and minerals. The solution was WaterBaby, an alternative, yet simple approach to helping women conveniently consume their RDA of folic acid at anytime throughout the day. Ben and Anna then conducted some carefully targeted market research aimed at sourcing honest feedback from mums to be about the overall WaterBaby concept. The resulting feedback was resoundingly positive, not only highlighting the frequency of the problem but also the pressing need for an alternative. Furthermore the research also showed that as hydration plays a key role in facilitating a healthy pregnancy, many women were looking for convenient and refreshing ways of assisting them to remain replenished and hydrated.


Encouraged by this feedback and the pressing need for an alternative solution,  Ben sought advice from nutritional scientists based at a leading world drinks manufacturer on establishing the brand and producing a revitalising and trustworthy functional drink aimed purely at the mum to be market. Together, they created the nutritious WaterBaby formula; enriched with the RDA folic acid, plus calcium, zinc and vitamins B6 and B12.


By now Anna was at the stage of her pregnancy where she was experiencing regular morning sickness. This made taking tablets very hard for her and left Anna struggling to eat regular meals, which meant she had to endure the discomfort of swallowing traditional folic acid tablets on an empty stomach. This is where WaterBaby really worked for Anna allowing her to take her supplements in liquid form as opposed to traditional tablet form, the mild citrus flavour helps overcome feelings of nausea whilst delivered the nutrition and hydration needed. 


For many mums to be like Anna WaterBaby is the perfect solution offering peace of mind to the many multi-tasking, conscientious women who want the best possible start in life for their baby and a healthy pregnancy experience for themselves. WaterBaby is now available to buy in stores and online. WaterBaby are now busy developing the brand and product range further and already new flavours are in the pipeline including a pomegranate version and a ginger and lemon variety specifically designed to combat nausea.


Both Ben and Anna are very proud of WaterBaby and happy that their product can help many mums to be all over the the world. WaterBaby are also committed to working with charities to educate and raise awareness of the benefits of folic acid and all-round pregnancy health. They are looking forward to the success of their product and to the birth of their very own baby in October.