Jennie speaks out on hair loss

Jennie before taking Viviscal Jennie Bond now Jennie before taking Viviscal Jennie Bond now

“I started noticing a bit of thinness along my parting but it was more recently when I had a fringe cut it really began to show.”

“It made me feel much more self conscious about my appearance and I tried to disguise it as much as possible by sweeping my hair across the thin area. I also grew nervous of brushing my hair too vigorously.”

“I’ve always been interested in nutrition and diet and when I heard that Viviscal was drug-free and contains high levels of protein which helps boost the natural regrowth of hair it made sense to me to feed my hair from within. There’s also lots of research to back up Viviscal’s worldwide success rate compared to other hair supplements.

After three months of Using Viviscal I could really see the difference. My hair looks much thicker and glosier than it was before and my family has noticed it too.”

Cheryl homepage heading – Change &lsquoCheryl beat the misery of hair loss&rsquo to “Experiencing hair loss was soul destroying for me.”