Shaving, creams or wax

While some may already have a personal plan of action, it may be tough for other to choose between shaving, hair removal creams, and waxing. Which is best? Which lasts longest? Which is safer for the skin?


Shaving is quick and painless. Most women and men often pick shaving because it's the least stressful route to hair removal. However, even though you spend hours getting the smoothest shave on your arms and legs the hair grows back within hours. Individuals who shave often usually get a 5 o'clock shadow/stubble within a couple of hours.

Shaving does not cause the hairs to be plucked up by the roots; it simply shaves off what has grown away from the skin. The sharp edge of the hair still remains right at the surface and starts growing again within several hours. Hairs that grow back after shaving are sharper, thicker and much more defined.

Another downside to shaving is that the skin often suffers from razor burns. Constantly gliding the razor across the skin may cause nicks and small cuts. In some cases continuous shaving causes the skin to become callous and darkened.

Hair removal creams?

Hair removal creams are usually a safer choice if you want to get hair-free skin the quick and painless way. Hair removal creams, like those found from Veet, work well because they sink into the skin and dissolve the proteins that make up hair below the skin's surface. Because the hair is cropped below the surface it takes longer to grow back.

These creams are a good option for you if you don't like the pain of waxing and epilating, but also want to avoid the nicks, callouses and thick re-grown stubble that shaving causes.


Waxing or epilating are the most effective hair removal methods if you want skin that stays clear for longer. Both methods remove the hair directly from the root, and it takes about 4 weeks to grow back. Even though the hair does eventually grow back, it is much finer and softer and easier to remove the next time.

Using waxing strips can be painful at first if you are not used to it, but over time your skin will become accustomed to it and you'll find the sting quickly goes away. Veet waxing strips are also specially made with aloe and cranberry extract to ensure they are gentle on the skin.

After waxing and epilating you'll notice your hair takes much longer to grow back. Razor burns and nicks won't happen either.