About Veet waxing

Veet is the world's number 1 depilatory brand. You can shop here at Chemist Direct for Veet wax strips, creams, and hair removal gel cream. Perhaps you're new to using Veet waxing strips and you're not too sure what it's all about.

Let's take this time to talk about Veet and waxing.

Veet waxing products have been made with over 80 years of experience in creating safe and effective ways for you to remove unwanted hair. Nearly 30 million women across the world are avid users are Veet products, and Veet waxes and hair removal creams are extremely popular in the UK.

Waxing is a safe hair removal option for most people, but should not be used for the elderly or diabetics, and in some cases pregnant women, as it may cause bruising. Not all parts of the body are meant to be waxed. If you've had a bad experience with waxing causing small cuts and bruises refrain from waxing that area for a while. Certain parts of the body should only be waxed if you've had previous waxing experience. It is also advisable for teenagers under 16 to have adult guidance when using waxing strips for the first time.

Waxing may cause stinging, pain, and small red bumps for several hours, but after the first couple times of using them the skin will become more accustomed. In spite of any momentary discomfort waxing does keep your skin hair-free for longer than shaving or using hair removal creams and you usually do not need to wax again for another four weeks.

Using Veet waxing strips

Veet waxing strips can be used by both men and women. Before using the strips make sure the skin is clean, dry, and free of any oil-based creams or lotions.

Veet waxing strips work by plucking up the hair from the roots. Wax clings to the hair shaft, not the skin, and is removed from the roots by the actions of removing the wax strip away from the skin. Wax strips should always be pulled swiftly from the opposite direction of hair growth. Hold the skin taut with one hand and make sure you're keeping the strip parallel to the skin.

If you've shaved your legs previously you may want to wait for the hair to grow to between 1.5 and 5 mm long as a minimum. As a rule, the hair must be long enough for the wax to firmly stick onto and pluck out. Hair growth is individual and the time it takes to grow it out enough to wax may vary from person to person.

When it comes to keeping waxing strips, they can safely be kept for up to 3 years, just like any other cosmetic product. However, if the strips are very old you can test them before using by holding the two strips between your palms for several seconds. If the warmed wax becomes moist and supple and causes the strips to become slightly flexible, then it's still safe to use.

Don't use wax strips where the wax has become tough and hard as it will irritate the skin.

It's always better if you have professional waxing experience when waxing your underarms and bikini line. These areas are more sensitive and challenging than waxing your legs. As much as possible try to get these areas done at the salon.

Wax strips should never come into contact with water as it will prevent proper adhesion of the wax. Once you're finished using the wax strips, remove the residue with the Perfect Finish wipes that are provided inside of each Veet waxing box. If you've run out of wipes you can safely use cotton wool soaked in baby oil or body oil.