About Veet cream

Veet is the world's number 1 depilatory brand. You can shop for Veet wax strips, creams, and hair removal gel cream. Perhaps you're new to using Veet and you're not too sure what it's all about.

Let's take this time to talk about Veet cream.

Veet cream is made with over 80 years of experience in creating safe and effective ways for you to remove unwanted hair. Nearly 30 million women across the world are avid users are Veet products, and Veet waxes and hair removal creams are extremely popular in the UK.

One of the biggest benefits of using Veet creams is that it works for everyone. It's safe to use for all skin types and may even be used by pregnant women, provided you follow the Precautions and Directions for Use on the pamphlet. It is advisable, however, that teenagers under 16 years use Veet cream with adult supervision the first time they use it. There is no specific expiry date either for Veet creams. You can follow the same three year rule that applies to other cosmetics.

Using Veet cream

When waxing and epilating the hair has to be grown out before either methods work, but not for Veet cream. There is no need to grow your hair out too full length before using it, as it will work just as well on hair that is short and just growing back. It is advisable, though, to wait at least 72 hours before using the cream to remove new hair on the same spot.

These hair removal creams work as a chemical depilatory which uses active ingredients to dissolve the hair shaft. A spatula is provided with each box of Veet cream to help you remove the bits of hair and cream once the allotted time has passed. Using the spatula, or even a sponge, to remove the hair helps the dissolved hair to move away from the surface of the skin.

After spreading out the cream give it several minutes to start working. You'll notice the ends of the hair start to look shrivelled and thin. Use the provided spatula to remove most of the cream and the hair along with it. Rinse your skin thoroughly with water and then gently pat it dry.

Ensure your skin is completely dry before you apply the cream. It's generally a good idea to use Veet cream before and not after you go for a bath. This will help you get more even coverage and help the product work more effectively because it has les contact with water.

If you're in a hurry and you need to take a bath while waiting for the cream to work, you can leave the product on for 1 minute, wash your hands thoroughly, and then jump into the shower as normal. After you're done you can remove the rest of the cream. Veet creams contain ingredients that work similar to waterproof mascara and will not wash away so easily when you're taking a shower, but they should be applied first while the skin is completely dry and you should avoid direct jets of water on the area where you've applied the cream as that will cause it to wash away.

Always read the Directions for Use and Precautions before you use Veet creams and be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after applying and removing the product.