Understanding dry skin

Dry skin is incredibly common and many people can experience it in different forms at some point in their life. It varies in severity as some people will notice their skin feeling a little drier in the colder months, whereas some people can suffer all year round with conditions like eczema and dermatitis. Although dry skin can be uncomfortable, it is easily relieved and managed with a little help from Vaseline, as all of their products use moisturising and hydrating ingredients to keep your skin conditioned and nourished.

What is dry skin?

Our skin has its own natural barrier that works to keep an optimum level of water and natural oils in the skin in order to prevent it from drying out. However, if you have drier skin then this barrier may not be functioning properly and ends up allowing moisture to escape from the skin. Dry skin is most likely caused by external factors and certain products that strip the moisture from the epidermis (top skin layer) due to a weakened moisture barrier that results in low hydration and dryness.

When exposed to certain factors, dry skin can become itchy, cracked, irritated or inflamed and is most likely to occur on areas like the hands, arms and legs. You may be able to notice visible dryness on the skin and it may look dull and feel rough. You may also notice red patches across the skin where it is itchy and irritated.

What causes dry skin?

There are many different internal and external factors that can lead to a decrease in the skin's ability to absorb water. The most common cause of dry skin is the cold weather and many people will notice their skin becomes noticeably drier in the winter months, especially with the changing of the weather. Other factors include the environment, air conditioning and central heating, soaps as well as your general diet and lifestyle. All of these elements cause the skin cells to shrink, which results in a feeling of tightness. When the cells become stiff and inflexible, the skin can become cracked and leaves it more vulnerable to irritants penetrating deeper into the skin and causing sensitivity.

The only ingredient needed to hydrate the skin is water, but your skin just needs a strong barrier to lock this moisture in. That's why Vaseline contains ingredients that help to provide the skin with moisture and hydration while locking it into the skin and preventing it from escaping, so that you can achieve beautifully soft and nourished skin all day long.