Warm Up

A successful exercise programme consists of three parts, Warm Up, Aerobic Exercise and Cool Down. Never start a training session without warming up. Never finish one without cooling down correctly.
Perform between five and ten minutes of stretching before starting your workout to prevent muscle strains, pulls and cramps.
Aerobic Exercise Session
Those new to exercise should exercise no more than every other day to start with. As your fitness level increases, increase this to 2 in every 3 days.
When you are comfortable with your routine, exercise for 6 days per week.
Always take at least one day off per week.
Exercising in your Target Zone
To ensure that your heart is working in its exercise target zone, you need to be able to take your pulse. If you do not have a pulse monitor (either from the product you are using or a proprietary independent unit) you will need to locate the pulse in your carotid artery. This is situated in the side of the neck and can be felt by using the index and middle fingers. Simply count the number of beats you feel in 10 seconds and then multiply by six to get your pulse rate. This should be taken before you start to exercise for easy reference.
People who have a greater aerobic fitness, have a lower resting pulse level and will also be able to exercise with a higher pulse level.
Target Zone
To determine your target zone, see the chart opposite. If you are new to exercise and by definition unfit, refer to the left column. If you exercise regularly and have good aerobic fitness, refer to the right column.