Why Triple Dry works

Triple Dry is different to ordinary anti-perspirant products. Because body temperature varies each day in a cycle called the Circadian rhythm, your skin is actually more receptive to an anti-perspirant while sleeping.
Applying Triple Dry in the evening gives the formula time to build a strong level of protection for the day ahead… so strong that Triple Dry can provide protection for up to 72 hours.
The facts speak for themselves
Here’s how Triple Dry users rate it against other products:
  • Compared to other sticks: 56% better
  • Compared to other aerosols: 61% better
  • Compared to other roll-ons: 68% better
  • Independent blind in-use consumer tests on heavy perspirers
  • Performance results v. users’ current brands
Here’s what they say about Triple Dry itself:
Is three times more powerful than other brands: 57%
Lasts three times longer than other brands: 25%