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Travelling with Children

Travelling with children can be exciting and carry wonderful memories for years to come. The key to a happy family holiday, minus the chaos many families ensue, is good organisation!

Planning Ahead

Make sure all vaccinations are planned and pre arranged well before the due date, the stress of leaving these to the last minute will mean you won't be free to enjoy the build up to your holiday. Speak with your GP about your destination, and book any immunisations or follow up boosters that you may require. Try to avoid taking young children to areas where serious diseases are endemic. This means where they are constantly present, at low levels, as children are much more susceptible to picking up illnesses.

The Journey

Consider your child's schedule, and try your best to maintain this on the run up to the holiday and the journey itself as this will help to keep the child calm. A whole upset with their routine normally results in children playing up, as is the same with holidays! So take the pressure off yourself a little, and try your best to maintain a steady schedule for them. This means feeding at their normal time, naps and other activities.

Plan in advance for travel sickness. Ask your GP for medication, particularly for children, and travel sickness bags as you never know when it may happen. Some medications for children contain sedative properties. Although this may not be ideal, it is a good idea for a very long journey.

If your child becomes irritable, particularly when there are delays, make sure you have some of their special toys or books to hand. Keep a select few toys, normally their favourites, and books or puzzles with you in your flight bag so you can keep them entertained even if you have a four hour delay ahead of you! Carry a sensible light snack as hungry children don't travel well, and they could come down ill.

Arriving at your Destination

A great precaution, particularly for families with children, is to take over the counter medicines with you. Since children pick up infections much more easily than adults, make sure you are prepared for this with reputable brands that you know will work for them. You must remember local medicines will be different, so taking some Calpol or Ibuprofen medicines as well as travel sickness meds and rehydration fluid should be enough to keep your child in good health.