Top Ten Hair Loss Products

Hair loss is a very common problem, among both men and women, and can be due to various factors such as stress, lack of a balanced nutritional diet, age, and stress. These all result to changes to the hair follicle, as the hair follicle does not receive the necessary nutrients and oxygen to support new hair growth.

This is why at Chemist Direct we have a variety of products to help combat this problem.



Viviscal Man Hair Nourishment Tablets

Viviscal Man Hair Nourishment Tablets are a natural hair supplement that has been designed to help delay, prevent and tackle hair loss in men. As 50% of men experience thinning hair before the age of fifty it is a common problem that many men look for a solution for.

Viviscal contains AminoMar C which tackles hair loss, as well as Flaxseed which is believed to slow down thinning hair, and Zinc which is essential for healthy hair.





Regaine Extra Strength for Men – 3 months supply (Contains Minoxidil)

Regaine Extra Strength for Men provides faster results than regular strength Regaine. It contains 5% of the active ingredient Minoxidil which helps to prevent hairloss in 4 out of 5 men, and in 3 out of 5 men has even shown signs of helping with regrowth. Regaine is a product that works after a considerable period of time, so persevere with the products to see those results.







Wellman Tricologic Capsules

Due to an inadequate diet, stress, lifestyle, hair styling and age hair growth can be negatively impacted, and so Wellman Tricologic Capsules work by using 30 bio-active ingredients to nourish hair and maintain healthy hair follicles, to ensure a healthy hair follicle metabolism.








Regaine for Women – 1 month supply

Contains a 2% concentration of Minoxidil. Regaine for Women works to help reduce hair thinning and loss and then encourage new hair growth, so that you have fuller and thicker hair that is easier to>








Florisene for Women Tablets

Florisene can help stop or reduce hair loss in women who are suffering from hair loss due to a nutritional imbalance. Florisene works to rectify this imbalance and is recommended for women who have had recent hair shedding, seen more hair shedding when shampooing and brushing.






Alpecin Double Effect Shampoo

Alpecin Double Effect Shampoo fights against dandruff, and hereditary hair loss. By clearing the scalp of dandruff the shampoo is able to deeply penetrate the hair root, and fight against hereditary hair loss.








Regaine for Men Regular Strength – 1 months supply (contains Minoxidil)

Regaine for Men Regular Strength contains 2% of the active ingredient Minoxidil. Regaine has been proved to help prevent hairloss in 4 out of 5 men and in some men has even shown signs of helping regrowth.





Schwarzkopf Activ Men Tonic

Schwarkopf Activ Men Tonic slows down, and reduces hair loss, encourages new hair growth, and strengthens hair. ACTIV M is a hair retention care system from Schwarzkopf, that comprises of both a shampoo and a tonic. These work together to reduce normal hair loss. When massaging the products into your scalp the blood flow is increased to your hair, and stabilises the inner structure of your hair. The resulting healthy scalp will encourage stronger and fuller hair as well as encouraging new hair growth.







Nourkrin Shampoo

Nourkrin Shampoo works to reduce hair thinning and loss in both men and women. The ingredient Fenugreek reduces the miniaturisation of hair follicles and slows down the natural transformation of Testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which prevents nutrients reaching the hair follicle and inhibits hair growth.




Viviscal Womens Maximum Strength Tablets

Viviscal Womens Maximum Strength Tablets are a natural food supplement that have been designed to tackle hair loss, thinning, balding. They contain Amino Mar C which is a rich protein compound of marine extracts, blended with organic, soluble silica and fortified with vitamin C. Amino acids are the basic structural building units of protein and are essential in the formation of the hair structure. If the hair follicles receive the necessary nutrients then they can combat hair thinning and existing hair growth can be strengthened.