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Tips for Using Veet Safely

Veet is one of Britain's most beloved beauty brands, providing a wide range of skincare products. Whether you’re after silky smooth legs with Veet’s Wax Strips and Hair Removal Creams to soft skin with their collection of facial products, Veet gives you everything you need to turn heads. 

However, before you dive into getting the most out of Veet, you need to be careful when using products such as their Wax Strips and Hair Removal Creams. 

In this Chemist Direct article, we look at tips and tricks to use Veet's products safely and get the best results. 

Read & Follow the Instructions Before Using Veet

This seems blindingly obvious but not everyone does this and this can lead to embarrassing results. 

Before using any of Veet’s beauty products, you need to read and follow all instructions for the products. Whether they’re printed on the box or packaging to any instructions and guides, you should read them thoroughly before use. When you do use, please follow these instructions. These are written, not only to help you use these products safely, to give you the best results possible. 

If you are unsure about certain descriptions or instructions, get in touch with Veet’s expert customer service team for further support. 

Don’t Rush! 

Another seemingly simple piece of advice that people do not do. 

For Veet’s Waxing products, especially if you’re doing it for a special occasion, you should do so a day or more before the big event. This allows you a day for any redness to die down. 

Allergy & Patch Testing Before Waxing

When using a product like one of Veet’s Hair Removal Products which you haven’t used before, it is good practice to conduct a patch test on yourself to see if you’re allergic or sensitive to the cream or one of its ingredients. 

This is done by applying a small amount of the product to the area you wish to use it on. It doesn’t need to be much, it can be the size of the pea. Apply this to yourself and follow all directions for use. If, after 24 hours, you have not observed any adverse reactions to the products, you can carry on using it. 

If you notice the skin becomes red and irritable or other reactions that are not expected or described in the instructions, you should not continue using the product. 

Exfoliate Before Waxing with Veet

If you are using one of Veet’s Waxing products, for the best results, you should exfoliate 24 hours before begin waxing. This will prime the hair and help deliver the best results. If you suffer from ingrown hairs, exfoliating the day before is certainly advised. It will help make the process smoother. 

However, you should do this with clean dry skin. All of Veet’s products work best when and gives the best results when used on clean, dry skin. This is because your skin’s naturally occurring oils and residues from moisturisers can impact the results. That’s why you should wash the area you’re planning to treat before commencing. 

At Chemist Direct, we’re proud to work with Veet and provide our customers with their extensive collection of beauty products at competitive prices. Check them out today!