Tepe Good Renewable Childs Toothbrush

Tepe Good Renewable Childs Toothbrush

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TePe GOOD Renewable Childs Toothbrush allows your little one to get an efficient clean from their toothbrush with this gentle brush made from bio-based plastic.

TePe GOOD Reneweable Adult Toothbrush is part of the unique TePe GOOD range made from bio-based plastic, without compromising on product quality, efficiency or design. This toothbrush is developed for use from the first tooth to the age of 3 years. The tapered mini sized brush head has extra soft filaments for gentle cleaning. The handle provides a stable grip for the adult brushing the child's teeth, but fits just as well in the small hand.

The toothbrush is made from 96% bio-based plastic, with the origins of the product being traced back to sugar cane. The sugars from the sugar cane plant are converted to ethanol. This is then transformed into polyethylene which is used to manufacture our bio-plastic (green plastic) toothbrush. Unlike fossil fuels, bio-based polyethylene (green plastic) made from sugar cane is renewable up to 96%, meaning that sugar cane can be regrown within a year and be used to produce new bio-plastic - a much better option for the environment. Bio-based polyethylene also has a 95% carbon dioxide neutral footprint. This means that there is an almost negligible impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

The TePe GOOD toothbrush is made from bio-based polyamide (based on castor oil or ricinoil) from 100% renewable sources. With a tapered mini sized brush head has extra soft filaments for gentle cleaning, you can rest easy knowing you are doing the best for both your child's teeth and the environment.


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