Is Tenease proven to cure Tennis Elbow?
Tenease has been proven in clinical trials to relieve the pain of lateral epicondylitis and has been reported in patient studies to accelerate the healing of the tendon which causes the condition. In the most recent study 98% of the patients surveyed experienced relief of pain from the condition, 85% reported increased healing of their tennis elbow.
How does Tenease work?
By applying precisely controlled frequency vibrations to the tendon. This impedes the pain signals to the brain, relieving the pain, and stimulates inflammation in the local area to speed up healing. It is now known that the reduced blood flow to the tendon is why some people are susceptible to tennis elbow and others are not. Tenease provokes inflammation in the tendon in the same way an operation does.
Will Tenease help me if my tennis elbow is serious?
In the most recent survey of 70 patients, the selection procedure chose the most serious cases where many other treatments had been used before. Many patients had previously had injections, physiotherapy, anti-inflammatory drugs and bracing before being referred for the study. No participants in the survey had mild symptoms. 98% had pain relief using Tenease.
Can Tenease be used to treat 'Golfers Elbow'?
Yes, Tenease can be used for treatment of this condition. The device is placed on the inner part of the arm over the area of sensitivity and activated as normal.
Can I use Tenease anywhere?
Tenease is light, portable and safe to use while working, playing sports or other activities. Many users carry their Tenease in their handbag or to work and use the device when they experience the pain.
How does Tenease compare with TENS
TENS, or Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation has been proven to be less effective than Tenease as a treatment in clinical studies. It is also difficult to apply correctly to the elbow, requires gel, pads and stops the user from using their arm when applied.
Can I use Tenease with other treatments?
Yes. You can safely combine Tenease with any other treatment. Tenease is safe and side effect free and does not inhibit the effectiveness of any other treatment. A 1984 study in the Journal of Pain showed that combining other modalities (methods of therapy) with vibration therapy meant greater overall pain relief.
Is Tenease usable for other areas of the body?
No. Tenease is specifically designed to relieve the pain of lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) and medial epicondylitis (golfers elbow) which is a similar condition.
How long do the batteries last?
With normal use of three courses of treatment every day, the supplied batteries should work for around 1 month. When the batteries are at the end of their life the device will still work for a period of time but this may be shorter than 10 minutes.