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Understanding Snacks

Eating calorie-controlled portions of nourishing foods between meals helps satisfy your cravings and can reduce the likelihood that you will over-eat later in the day.

Pick Three Snacks A Day

The New SlimFast 3,2,1 Plan lets you enjoy three 95-calorie snacks per day. And luckily for you, SlimFast 3,2,1 snacks just happen to be 95 calories, with a scrumptious taste. Treat yourself to at least one a day.

Plenty of Tasty Choices

You can also choose foods higher in fibre such as carrots, beans, berries, bananas, pears or apples. Or enjoy a handful of heart-healthy nuts, such as almonds or walnuts. Examples of the types of snacks you can expect to find in your plan are shown below: