Toning after Pregnancy with Slendertone

Since we all know how cruel the reflection in the mirror can be during the weeks following birth, the few moments of freedom are rare and precious, the adorable baby who is has come into our arms gives you plenty of work, that we didn't have when we were working, when your morale is on a roller coaster, the hours of sleep can be counted on the fingers of one hand.
To give help in hand Slendertone proposes a programme in 4 stages to help get back the shape pre-pregnancy working with experts in the area.
  • Stage No 1: Rebalance the diet, the advice of their medical nutritionist
  • Stage No 2: Physiotherapy of the Perineum, essential before returning to any physical activity
  • Stage No 3: Get back slowly to activity. Why not try some Yoga?
  • Stage No 4: Strengthen your muscles thanks to the Slendertone Belt, to get back to your flat and firm stomach of before giving birth.
Stage No 1: Take care of your diet.
The advice of Dr Pierre Azam, nutritionist:
"Everyone recognises that pregnancy is a marvellous time in the life of a woman, it is a very special physiological moment where the body of a woman submits to numerous challenges. The increased hormone levels during this period change the shape of the woman’s body and its composition. The body changes, because it develops a fatty mass in reserve for breastfeeding. The composition changes as the muscle mass tend to decrease significantly in size. The female hormones make the muscles finer, more supple and extendible, thus enabling the abdominal muscles to loosen to accept the future baby.
The type of food consumed during this period is for recovery, full of food rich in nutrients – Proteins at regular intervals, Vegetables and fruit for slow-release sugars so as not to devalue their energy potential. Hydration is also of great importance in getting the metabolism back on track.
Weight loss diet should come only in the second stage. You should take care not to harm the rebuilding of the body and it is worthless to follow blindly a low calorie based diet. On the contrary, it should be a balanced diet, with a good breakfast, wholesome and energetic, while continuing to bring to each meal the nutrients missing during pregnancy and being careful that this diet is low in fats."


Stage No 2: Physiotherapy of the Perineum.
The advice of Helene Todorovitch, Professor of Applied Anatomy of movement"
Physiotherapy of the Perineum is invaluable after birth in order to get back the supple and toned tissue, which is making way for the baby has become inflated. Sessions of physiotherapy are usually prescribed following a birth. However, these sessions are not always sufficient. To prevent the risk of urinary incontinence, to support the organs of the pelvis, to permit a return to sexual life without pain or worry, these daily exercises are indispensable. For this, one needs to know the bone structure on which the muscles of the perineum are situated (because there are many!) = The pelvis. These simple exercises can be done daily, contracting and relaxing the muscles while lying, walking, coughing or even jumping.


Stage No 3: Gradually go back to physical activity and to relaxation.
The advice of Virginie Boe Professor of Yoga proposes exercises adapted for young mothers.
Giving birth for a woman is a physical and psychic challenge which necessitates a certain period of recuperation. Yoga sessions 1.5 months after the birth allow one to capitalise on the return to physical activity thanks to slow and progressive stretching. Yoga is a practice which adapts to the bodies natural way of movement. In order to practice this correctly it should be based not on performance or results, but an understanding of how our bodies function. The exercises are based on stretching which targets limbering up the body and deep muscle toning. You should practice these from ordinary everyday positions; knowing how to settle, sit down, to draw yourself up with your baby, how to carry the baby while protecting the back, etc You can tone the top of the back, work on the muscles of the legs, reinforce the abdominal area and learn how to breathe effectively (think of exhaling on effort). In this way, the new mum gets back the suppleness and agility, according to her capacities and sensations.
Stage No 4: Yummy Mum, Glamour Mum, Mum all toned up …… thanks to Slendertone System
After the rebalancing of diet, the physiotherapy of the Perineum, the relaxation and slow return to physical activity, it is now time to tone up. Slendertone is always at hand for the young mum to tone the abdominal area under pressure during the pregnancy. The system belt is the perfect model for the young mums who wish to get back their shape quickly and effectively.
Based on EMS technology refined by Slendertone, it delivers results in four weeks, when used five per week. With each 20 minute session equivalent to 120 ab crunches, users can experience firmer, flatter tummy and an average waist decrease of 3.5cm. The Slendertone System toning belt is perfectly suited for the busy mum as she can use this in the home, at any time during the day. Allowing you to stay with the baby and go about the usual tasks, while all the time re-toning the abdominal muscles. A firm, flat and toned tummy - this has to be what all young mums dream of.
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