Toning Tips

  1. Invest in a journal - it's all about watching you
  2. Give yourself a realistic target date and goal
  3. Keep a food and exercise diary
  4. Be sure to take body measurements before you begin becoming the new you! Measure from a point i.e navel and measure down to point on bottom or thigh, ensure you use the same point each time for accurate reading and achieved results
  5. Prioritise and plan your schedule, highlight in your diary…keep the appointments with yourself (you would not cancel on your regional manager if it involved a promotion to be proud of... so make yourself the boss!)
  6. Surface with a smile, plan to perform, aim to achieve, reinforce your rewards
  7. Maintain correct posture at work, sit, don't slouch, activate don't deteriorate!
  8. Make lunch time lighter by taking a 15-20 min calorie burning power walk, replenish with foods to replenish and re-fuel, don't replace with junk or something that counteracts your good work!
  9. Invest in a pedometer, record your steps, on 3 days increase your step activity, alternate by reducing your calorie intake on the other 3 days…have one day to do as you choose
  10. Don't forget that 'feel good fixes' practically cost nothing. Take time out to unwind-maybe in a candle lit bath with plenty of oils. Skin brush, exfoliate and moisturise, compliment your body's changing look with a healthy glow - use a tinted moisturiser or tanning mousse
  11. Make a small change each week that that makes a BIG difference. This is key to avoid falling off the band wagon if you set yourself targets that are unrealistic or too high!

Dietary Advice

  1. Eat to gain max results not pounds!
  2. cals in + you = cals out, monitor in your journal what you eat and it's calorific content, monitor how much you burn through the day…its all down to how much effort 'you' put in either your mouth or exercise regime
  3. Check misguiding food labels for fat and excess sugar levels, red, orange and green colour codes have been introduced in some supermarkets to help give you a general guideline, it's like a traffic light, so remember red means stop and green means go!
  4. Eat out can be made easier for the waistline if chosen carefully!! Avoid sauces, fried and creamy dishes
  5. Cook with care, batch and freeze, steam, grill and plenty of veg, reduce carbs or eliminate especially after 7pm
  6. Stick to white meats and reduce dairy intake
  7. Choose slow release carbs with wholegrain and fibre, reduce your wheat to avoid becoming and looking bloated
  8. Count your alcohol units. Ask yourself if you need or want them
  9. Avoid sugar fixes, graze guilt free on healthy snacks
  10. Think and drink- boiled water with lemon will kick start your metabolism in the morning and water throughout the day keeps you hydrated and can prevent sudden hunger pangs
  11. Eat slowly for optimum digestion. Make meal times count, sit down for 20 mins with pauses between mouthfuls, focus on your food and its taste. Stop eating when satisfied, avoid eating until being full or even worse stuffed!

Exercise Tips

  1. Get up before your usual alarm and get active for 25 mins
  2. Work out at home, I'm now available in your front room on fitness TV channel 282. I'm currently showing "Hi Impact Aerobics", "Low Impact Aerobics", "Resistance for Women" and "Wake Up with Elise Lindsay". There is something on there for everyone so it could not be easier!
  3. Commit to get fit, with yourself, partner or friend, organise and plan your sessions
  4. Change intervals on your office stairs - climb one then rush one!
  5. A skip rope is a cheap way to burning a bonus 100 cals in about 8 mins, perform 4x2mins or 3-4x50 skips 3 times a day
  6. Arrange weekend walks and talks with a loved one
  7. Visit the gym in your lunchtime, work an extra ½ hour at the office and still be home to enjoy the evening
  8. Perfect your posture, think about how you look to others, walk tall and beautiful and that is how the world sees you too!