Skincare Tips for Newborns

When you first think of your baby’s skin, you may imagine it being perfectly smooth, soft and smells wonderful. Unfortunately, this is not always the face. Your child’s skin can become dry, flaky, and sensitive. This is more so during their newborn period.

For parents, especially if this is their first baby, caring for a newborn’s delicate skin can be daunting.

Don’t worry. In this article, we look simple, practical tips for new parents and how to care for a newborn’s skin.

Bathtime with your Newborn

Bathtime is a special time between parents and their children. As well as a time to clean and care for your child, it is an opportunity to play and bond with them. It is a wonderfully precious and intimate between a baby and their parents. It also is the best opportunity for you to inspect and care for their skin.

Now, it is important to understand that you do not need to bathe your baby every day. Bathing them frequently can cause their skin to become dry. It can also wash out essential oils and substances on their skin, which is necessary for protecting them from infections and other irritants.

Of course, you should still make sure your child is clean. You should wash their faces with a warm washcloth and ensure that the nappy area is clean after changing. The latter will help prevent rashes and infections.

Avoid Scented Products

It is a good rule of thumb to avoid scented products. Sure, they can smell lovely but they can irritate your baby’s delicate skin. This can be attributed to the chemicals and substances used for the scents. This is simple enough, just make sure you review the packaging and ingredients on products. If unsure, ask or best leave it.

It is because of this, parents are advised to avoid scented bathing products until they’re one year old or older.

Dry Skin & Your Baby

Dry skin is common problems newborns will experience and can manifest themselves as itchy red rashes. These can appear on the face and scalp as well as behind elbows and knees. Naturally, this can be very irritable and uncomfortable for your newborn. It can result in sleepless nights for the whole family.

There are ways that you can take care of your baby’s skin and avoid becoming dry and irritated.

One of the big actions you can do is to avoid overbathing. Again, this can cause their delicate skin to become dry and washing away necessary oils. Once or twice a week would be sufficient to keep your child clean.

If you spot dry patches, you can address this with an ointment or lotion. Again, avoid scented products but choose a rejuvenating skincare product that helps hydrates their skin once more.

Prevent Nappy Rash

Nappy rash is where a rash develops from the irritating wetness of soiled nappies when left unchanged and the skin not properly tried after changing. This type of rash can also appear if your baby’s skin is not properly dried after a bath. It is also possible for bacterial or yeast infections to cause nappy rashes.

It is important to understand that babies taking antibiotics are more susceptible to a yeast infection nappy rash. This is due to the medication allowing the fungus to grow and develop.

Most forms of nappy rash don’t need medical attention and can be treated and prevented at home. Simple actions such as regularly checking nappies, changing them if soiled will help prevent nappy rash.

Pat dry thoroughly after bathes should be part of your bathing routine as would applying an ointment or lotion.

If you notice that your baby’s rash does not clear up in two to three days, please see your doctor.

Choose Gentle Skincare Products

You should avoid using your normal adult shampoos, soaps and bathing products on your baby, not until they’re at least one years old. These products are considerably strong for their delicate skin. You should look for products that are specially formulated for babies, especially newborns.

But which ones should you buy?

When picking the right baby skin care products, it is important to be wary of what’s on the market and what’s printed on the packaging. You want to pay attention to ingredients and look for products that are non-toxic and specially formulated to be gentle, especially for newborns. Products that use mostly or completely natural ingredients are preferred.

Some parents have found that skincare with various dyes, scents and chemicals can irritate babies’ skin, hence the preference for organic ointments, lotions and shampoos.

Mustela is such a brand who offers parents a wide range of products that are designed for babies and newborns. Using mostly natural ingredients and avoiding substances that can harm or irritate delicate baby skin, it is a popular brand for mums and dads.

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