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Should I Give My Baby Vitamins?

All parents want to give their children the best start in life. It’s why they research the best, balanced diets for them and try to find them the best schools, they want to give them the tools to live a full, happy life.

For new mums and dads of a common question that is asked, should I give my baby vitamins?

Yes, you can.

In the early months of your baby’s development, new parents are often concerned that their newborn is taking in enough vitamins. From breastfeeding or bottle feeding to weaning and their first soft foods, they are concerned that they’re providing them with the necessary nutrients to support their growth. This can be difficult without a varied diet.

The right vitamins can help support growth and development. Here’s some more information about vitamins for your baby.

Vitamin A For Babies

Otherwise known as retinol, Vitamin A has several important functions to the human body, especially in babies. It helps the body to build natural defences against illnesses and infections as well as keeping the skin healthy.

Good natural sources of Vitamin A include cheese, eggs, milk and yogurt.

However, there are children vitamins available that can help and support your child’s development. Haliborange Kids Multivitamin Liquid Orange Flavour is a great example. The multi-vitamin is designed to be a source of Vitamin A. The sugar-free orange syrup for babies and toddlers, which helps integrate it into their diet.

Vitamin C For Babies

Also known as ascorbic acid, Vitamin C is important for helping protect cells and keeping them healthy. It helps the body maintain healthy skin cells, blood vessels, bones and cartilage as well as healing wounds.

Most people know that a lack of Vitamin C can cause scurvy, a common condition that affected sailors because they did not have access to fresh fruits and vegetables. While this is an extreme example today, infants who do not get enough Vitamin C can experience some deficiencies. This can occur when they have poor or restricted diets.

This can be done through fruits and vegetables as well as with vitamins and supplements.

Haliborange Kids Multivitamin Liquid Orange Flavour and Haliborange Kids Vitamin C Immune Softies are fantastic examples of supplements for babies, providing them with additional Vitamin C.

Vitamin D For Babies

Vitamin D is found in a few foods, mainly in oily fishes and eggs. It can also be found in some fortified foods such as fat spreads and breakfast cereals. The best source of Vitamin D is the summer sunlight on your skin. However, you should not over expose your baby to the sun.

It is needed for healthy bones, teeth and muscles. A lack of Vitamin D can cause bone deformities such as rickets in children.

There are plenty of supplements available to help provide your infant with their much needed Vitamin D. Sambucol Black Elderberry Extract For Children is a fantastic example. Made as a flavoured syrup, it is easy for infants to take while rich with natural antioxidants and Vitamin C.

If you’re unsure whether a particular vitamin or supplement is right for your baby, please don’t hesitate to ask one of ChemistDirect’s pharmacists. With over two decades of experience helping new parents and infants, we pride ourselves in the support and care we provide our customers.

At Chemist Direct, we work with leading healthcare brands to provide babies with the best vitamins and at the best price. Find out more about our baby vitamins today.

This article has been medically approved by Superintendent Pharmacist Shilpa Shailen Karia, MRPharmS. - GPhC Reg No: 2087328

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