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Sensodyne Repair & Protect Extra Fresh Toothpaste

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Today you can go further than treating the pain of dentine hypersensitivity with Sensodyne. Today you have new Sensodyne Repair & Protect Extra Fresh Toothpaste containing NovaMin calcium phosphate technology. NovaMin builds a layer over exposed dentine. Starting from the first use, this reparative layer creates an effective and lasting barrier to the pain of dentine hypersensitivity. Now in this extra fresh flavour.

Sensodyne NovaMin Repair & Protect Extra Fresh Toothpaste: Do you have occasional tooth twinges? Occasional tooth pain? If so, it is a sign your teeth may have vulnerable areas of exposed dentine, a cause of sensitivity. Now for the first time, its possible to repair those areas with a Sensodyne toothpaste.

New Sensodyne Repair & Protect is an advanced toothpaste that can repair sensitive areas of your teeth. It contains Novamin technology which seeks out and helps repair vulnerable areas that cause the twinge of sensitivity.

NovaMin is an advanced calcium phosphate technology and employs the same patented bioactive material used in advanced bone regeneration techniques.

  • NovaMin is clinically proven to provide exceptional sensitivity relief and helps treat the cause of sensitivity.
  • It works by forming a layer on teeth to remineralize the surface
  • It is proven to work below the gum line, providing direct relief to the root surface.


How Does It Work?

Repair & Protect uses an advanced technology called Novamin to seek out and repair vulnerable areas of your teeth. These vulnerable areas are responsible for occasional twinges that are a sign of tooth sensitivity.

What make teeth vulnerable?

Under the protective tooth enamel is dentine, a porous structure consisting of thousands of tiny channels called tubules. Dentine can become exposed through recession of the gums or through erosion, or a combination of both. Exposed dentine creates vulnerable and sensitive areas of the tooth.

How does it repair and protect sensitive teeth?

The unique formula that contains Novamin, a concentrated calcium technology, helps repair vulnerable areas with the natural building blocks of the teeth. Once it comes into contact with saliva, the Novamin formula releases calcium and phosphate, the natural building blocks of teeth. These ions form a protective mineral layer to repair the vulnerable areas of the tooth.

With twice daily use, Sensodyne Repair & protect continuously helps repair, strengthen and protect your teeth. It also has a fresh, minty taste to leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh.

What happens when I first start to brush?

As Sensodyne Repair & protect begins to work, the process creates a gentle warming sensation when you first start to brush.

What difference does the protective layer make?

Used twice daily it continuously helps repair strengthen and protect your teeth from future episode of sensitivity.

In The Press

The Daily Mail Tuesday 1st March reported that 'Toothpaste That Could Rebuild Your Painful Sensitive Teeth'

'Studies suggest Sensodyne Repair & protect repairs the damage that triggers discomfort, rather than just numbing the sensitive area.'

'Laboratory studies on extracted teeth show, used twice a day, the product can build-up a protective layer in just 5 days.'

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